Review: 1byone O00QH-0506 Wireless Driveway Alarm System

1byone o00qh-0506Summary: The 1byone O00QH-0506 wireless driveway alarm is made with low quality components and the PIR sensor is affected by passing clouds, sunlight and wind. I recommend the Guardline GL2000 or the Dakota 2500 as there are much better options for a driveway alarm.


  • Easy installation
  • Ability to add extra sensors for increased security
  • Weather resistant


  • Great sensitivity to clouds, sunshine and wind
  • Range is much lower than advertised
  • Short life span (couple of weeks to couple of months)


  • Detects people and vehicles
  • Radio range: 328 feet
  • Motion detection area: 16-26 feet
  • Weather resistant: IP44
  • Notification: sound, flashing LED, sound and flashing LED
  • Sound choices: 36 different ringtones, high volume chime, low volume chime, alarm
  • Ring Volume of Receiver : 80dB
  • Expandable: 1 receiver can pair up to 5 PIR sensors and 1 PIR sensor can pair with multiple receivers
  • 1 year warranty

Is This Alarm System Right For You?

The 1byone model O00QH-0506 was designed to detect people, vehicles and animals. This is accomplished by a PIR (passive infrared) sensor that detects heat movement.


The driveway alarm system is shipped with 1 receiver, 1 sensor, mounting hardware and instruction manual.

How It Works

The PIR sensor will send a signal to the receiver, whenever there is movement on the driveway. Once the signal in received, you will be notified by either a sound of your choosing, a flashing LED, or both.

Installation Tips

If possible, install the sensor in an area protected by sun, high winds or heavy rain. Also, do not mount the sensor on a metal surface, since this will affect the communication with the receiver.

Bottom Line

Even though the 1byone O00QH-0506 is also marketed as a driveway alarm, it’s more of an indoor security alarm. It’s extremely sensitive to sunshine, clouds and wind, so if it’s mounted outside, prepare for a lot of false alarm notifications. If you are looking for a good driveway alarm, consider the Guardline GL2000 (detects people and vehicles) and the Dakota 2500 (detects vehicles only).

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