Review: Bubba BHS-DA-20 Wireless Driveway Alarm System

bubba bhs da 20Summary: Bubba’s BHS-DA-20 wireless driveway alarm features a low quality PIR sensor that gets triggered by wind, sunshine or leaves. It may work fine as an indoor alarm, but if you’re looking to monitor your driveway, the Guardline GL2000 or the Dakota 2500 are more suitable.


  • Easy installation
  • Ability to monitor several zones
  • Can withstand harsh weather (heavy rain, cold)


  • High number of false alarms
  • Sensor does not always communicate with the receiver
  • Only 30 day warranty


  • Detects people and vehicles
  • Radio range: 300 feet
  • Motion detection area: 35 feet
  • Weather proof
  • Notification: sound, flashing LED, sound and flashing LED
  • Sound choices: low/high volume doorbell chime or loud 90 dB siren
  • Expandable: add multiple sensors to monitor different areas
  • 30 day warranty

Is This Alarm System Right For You?

Bubba’s BHS-DA-20 model features a PIR motion sensor that will detect people, animals and cars.


The alarm systems include 1 transmiter and 1 receiver. Batteries are sold separately (3 AAA batteries and 3 C batteries). Optionally, you may also purchase an adaptor for the receiver since this is not included in the package.

How It Works

When the PIR sensor detects movement, a signal will be sent to the receiver. You will then be alerted by either a sound, an LED light, or both.

Installation Tips

If possible, install the sensor in an area protected by heavy rain and wind.

Bottom Line

Bubba’s BHS-DA-20 wireless driveway alarm is an inexpensive alarm because of its inferior quality. Even though the alarm uses a PIR (passive infrared sensor), the sensor it’s cheaply made and false alarms constitute a big issue. As an alternative, take a look at the Guardline GL2000 if you’re looking for a driveway alarm that will detect people and vehicles. If you would like to be notified only when a car pulls into your driveway, I recommend the Dakota 2500.

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