Review: HouseHold HA-434RTL Wireless Driveway Alarm System

Summary: The HouseHold HA-434RTL fhousehold-ha-434rtleatures a sensor that inconsistent in detecting people or vehicles. The Guardline GL2000 or the Dakota 2500 are two options better suited for a driveway alarm.


  • Longer motion detection range than other alarms in this price range
  • Easy installation
  • Low battery alert
  • 3 modes (alert, alarm, off mode)
  • Ability to monitor several zones by adding extra sensors


  • Sensor is inconsistent
  • Item shipped faulty in many cases
  • Transmission range is shorter than advertised
  • Short life span (couple of weeks to couple of months)


  • Detects people and vehicles
  • Radio range: 800 feet
  • Motion detection area: 40 feet
  • Notification: sound and flashing LED
  • Sound choices: 95dB siren or beeping alert
  • Modes: alert mode (omits beep), alarm mode (sounds alarm to scare off intruders) and off mode (only visual LED)
  • Low battery alert
  • Expandable:  up to 16 sensors in 4 zones
  • 1 year warranty

Is This Alarm System Right For You?

The HouseHold HA-434RTL can be use as an indoor or outdoor alarm and will detect people, animals and vehicles.


The package includes 1 sensor, one receiver, mounting hardware and instructions manual.

How It Works

Whenever movement is detected, the sensor will send a signal and the transmitter will alert you by either a sound, flashing LED, or both.

Installation Tips

If installed outdoors, it is always a good idea to mount the sensor in a well protected area, away from heavy rain, sunshine and high wind. This will minimize the number of false alarms.

Bottom Line

The HouseHold HA-434RTL driveway alarm system has a longer motion detection range than other alarms in this price range. However, it falls short in terms of detecting capabilities. The sensor is cheaply made and unreliable: it goes off randomly or it simply doesn’t detect people and vehicles. My suggestion is to either purchase the Guardline GL2000 or the Dakota 2500.

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